PSR CC Offroad OpenZoneTime Attack on fun tracks0-60KFrance?
PSR F1 Bananas OpenZoneF1 Tracks, 4 laps20-70KFrance?
PSR F1 Grand Prix OpenZoneF1 Grand Prix tracks20-70KFrance0
Spirit F1 MIXEnv. MIX, F1 tracks, 5 Laps0-60KFrance?
Last update
Mon, 10 Jun 2013 12:56:09 +0200
OpenZone Server: reachable by any account type, without FreeZone restriction rules
FreeZone Server: reachable by any account type, with FreeZone restriction rules for ForEver account
ForEver Server: reachable (without FreeZone restriction rules) if in favorites or always by United accounts
United Server: reachable only by United accounts !

Reminder: provide PSR-Team in in-game explorer address bar (icon) to display this list